The Gun Control Debate Fails Miserably in Chicago
Over the holiday weekend, a total of 82 people were shot, 14 fatally. The Chicago Tribune has a page on their website that is dedicated solely to the... Read More
Here is another guy who is setting us back years
I for one am sick and tired of these gun owners. The only thing that you are accomplishing is fueling the fire for those who look to diminish your... Read More
Target demands that Moms Demand Action leave before their protest even started
Moms were outside of a Target in San Antonio TX over this past weekend to try and solicit signatures for a petition that asks Target to change their... Read More
HB60, Georgia’s new comprehensive pro-gun measures go into effect July 1st
Back in April, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law a large pro-gun package that the NRA calls “the most comprehensive pro-gun bill in state... Read More
Chicago lawmakers are set to vote on tight gun shop restrictions
The Chicago City Council is expected to vote in favor of some pretty tight restrictions on gun shops within city limits. Some of the requirements... Read More
Are School Shootings really “Becoming the Norm”?
Recently, President Obama made a statement regarding the recent school shooting in Oregon, saying that "This is becoming the norm". I've been... Read More
The NRA gives their stance on Open Carry Demonstrations in businesses
It started with Starbucks, and we've now seen it with Chipotle and Sonic. More are sure to come, and much of the blame by anti-gunners has been... Read More
Gun Owners of New York State: Tuesday June 3, 2014 Assembly Bills 3244-A (Microstamping) and 3941-A (Safe Storage) will be acted on
Tuesday June 3, 2014 Assembly Bills 3244-A (Microstamping) and 3941-A (Safe Storage) will be acted on in the Assembly Codes committee. Quick passage... Read More
CA lawmakers want ‘Gun Violence Restraining Order’ which sounds like a scary bill that will be open to abuse
Lawmakers in Sacramento, CA are proposing a new bill, AB 1014, in response to the recent STABBING/shooting in the state last week. We have taken a... Read More
Georgia Governor signs “Guns Everywhere Bill”
Not too long ago today, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) signed into law a new bill that gives people much more freedom to carry their firearms... Read More
Empire state politicians gauge gun registration deadlines come and gone and enforcement of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law they say... Read More
Supreme Court declines to hear gun law challenges
The Supreme Court Monday disappointed gun-rights activists once again, declining to review two cases involving the rights of those under 21 to own... Read More
Georgia House votes to loosen gun laws
Soon, Georgia concealed-carriers may be able to carry in bars, places of worship, airports and even government buildings that do not have security... Read More
How does the firearm industry get around unjust laws? This is how.
10 round limit on your magazine? Seven round limit in NY? The law is the law, unless you find a brilliant way around it. Introducing the Mako... Read More
Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act sent to Congress
2014 is shaping up to be a great year for gun owners. Illinois becomes the last state to allow concealed carry, Florida recently allows firearms on... Read More