North Dakota Expands Places You Can Carry Concealed, One Democrat Has Some Things To Say That Make No Sense
BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA -- Pro-gun legislation has flown through the house by a vote of 74-19 Thursday that expands the places that people can legally... Read More
Bill To Carry Concealed During Evacuations Heads To FL Governor’s Desk
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- Florida residents could soon be able to legally carry concealed firearms during an emergency evacuation -- even if they don't... Read More
Proposed Legislation Would Allow Ohio Residents To Carry Without A Permit
New proposed legislation was introduced Tuesday by Rep. Ron Hood, R-Ashville, and 20 co-sponsors, that would allow residents of Ohio to carry... Read More
[BREAKING] Kansas Plans Constitutional Carry
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from TheTruthAboutGuns.com “Gov. Sam Brownback plans to sign a bill allowing Kansas residents to... Read More
[BREAKING] California Concealed Carry: Peruta To Be Heard En Banc
The commonsense ruling that the second amendment applies outside of the home in the Peruta court case in the Ninth Circuit will now be decided by a... Read More
[BREAKING] Constitutional Carry Passes Kansas House
SB45, the Kansas constitutional carry bill, has passed the House of representatives with a veto proof margin of 85 to 39.   Some technical... Read More
[BREAKING] West Virginia Governor Tomblin Vetos Constitutional Carry
You have to give West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin credit for Machiavellian use of power.  He cleverly waited until the legislature adjourned,... Read More
Florida Comes Closer To Concealed Carry On Campus
On Monday, the Florida Senate Higher Education Committee approved a bill which would allow anyone with a concealed carry permit to carry on the... Read More
After ATF Ban On Green Tip 5.56 Fails, Democrats Bring It Up In Congress
Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) has called for legislation banning so-called "armor piercing" ammunition and has criticized the ATF for backing... Read More
WV Poll: Constitutional Carry, Guess Which One Is Winning: Yes or No
A poll is being run in the statejournal.com, asking the following question: Do you think the legislature should pass the bill that lets people carry... Read More
WV: Constitutional Carry Passes the House with Bi-Partisan Support
The West Virginia Constitutional Carry bill,  SB 347 has now passed the House.  The vote was 71 to 29.  This is a very comfortable, veto proof... Read More
DENIED: Couple Not Allowed To Become Foster Parents Because They Have Concealed Carry Permits
CARSON CITY, NEVADA -- A married couple that has been together for 24 years wants to foster two 12-year-old siblings, but have been denied. Brian... Read More
Cuomo’s SAFE Act Isn’t Making NYC Any Safer
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from TheTruthAboutGuns.com “The number of murders in city has been declining for years, but 2015... Read More
[BREAKING] Governor Snyder Signs Michigan Concealed Carry Reform
Governor Rick Snyder has signed the concealed carry reform bills into law. Governor Snyder, who vetoed virtually the same bills only six weeks ago,... Read More
NH Constitutional Carry up for Critical Vote
Constitutional carry is moving in New Hampshire.  The bill is SB116 in the Senate and HB582 in the House.  It passed the Senate on 12 February. ... Read More