Irresponsible Gun Owner

Off-Duty Deputy Drops Concealed Carry Pistol In Airsoft Course – 10 Year Old Recovers It!
PLYMOUTH, CALIFORNIA -- A young boy on an airsoft course discovered a real pistol laying on the ground.  Recognizing that this wasn't an airsoft... Read More
A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO CONCEALED FIREARM: Woman Fails To Hide Gun After Shooting At Repo Man
GARY, INDIANA -- In what is being touted by Concealed Nation as a runner-up to the Darwin Award, the stupidest gun owner award goes to a Gary,... Read More
Irresponsible Gun Owner: Love Triangle Turns Rotten – Man Shoots Man Over Woman
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- Outside a tavern, two men got into a fistfight over a woman who was dating them both.  Assistant Deputy Chief Patrick Hoey of... Read More
Mother Learns The Hard Way To Keep Firearms Away From Child
HAMILTON, OHIO -- Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser has formally announced all criminal charges will be dropped against Elizabeth Green in... Read More
Did S&W Cause More Negligent Discharges In LA County Sheriff’s Dept?
You fight like you train, right?  Well, when the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department decided to transition from the ancient SA/DA Beretta 92F to... Read More
NYC Wedding Guest Negligent Discharge: It’s Not His First Time Shooting “By Accident”
Yesterday, we brought you a story of a man who's pocket carry firearm went off in his pants. The result? Four injured people. One guest’s head... Read More