2 Fatal Self-Defense Shootings In Utah In Just As Many Days, This Time During A Home Invasion
PLEASANT GROVE, UTAH -- There have been two fatal self-defense shootings in just as many days in Utah, this time during a home invasion attempt in... Read More
Roommate Shoots Suspect Dead During Armed Home Invasion In Albuquerque
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- One of three home invasion suspects was shot dead by the homeowner Friday night after the two exchanged gunfire. The... Read More
Suspect Dead After Armed Citizen Intervenes In Carjacking
OREM, UTAH -- A suspect is dead after a concealed carry permit holder shot and killed him during a carjacking. The incident happened a ways away... Read More
Homeowner Shoots And Kills Two Intruders During Second Home Invasion Of The Week At Same House
PITTSBURG, CALIFORNIA -- A homeowner shot and killed two intruders during a burglary attempt Friday night at his home. Police responded to a... Read More
TN Governor Signs Lifetime Concealed Carry Permits Into Law
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- The Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, signed legislation this week that allows residents of Tennessee to receive a permit... Read More
NH Senate Says OK To Constitutional Carry Bill, Governor Threatens To Veto
By Johannes Paulsen. Republished with permission from The New Hampshire Senate passed Senate Bill 116, which would repeal... Read More
Man Attempts Armed Robbery, Is Shot With His Own Gun By Intended Victim
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- A man who should change professions was shot with his own gun after trying to rob another man. The robber, identified... Read More
[BREAKING] Oregon House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill By A 57-1 Vote
SALEM, OREGON -- The Oregon House passed a bill Thursday by a vote of 57-1 that would allow reciprocity with other state concealed carry permit... Read More
PREPAREDNESS PAYS OFF: Employee Held At Gunpoint, Draws His Cleverly-Placed Firearm And Shoots Armed Robber
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A store employee shot and killed a man as he attempted to rob him at gunpoint while he was entering his work Thursday... Read More
Homeowner Shoots Intruder With Single Precision Shot, Successfully Ending Home Invasion
STRAWBERRY PLAINS, TENNESSEE -- A homeowner shot and killed an intruder who broke into his home early Wednesday morning. According to police,... Read More
Don’t Shoot At A Fleeing Suspect, Even If They Did Just Steal Your Chainsaw: DA Deciding On Charges
TAYLORSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- The son of a store owner could find himself in some extremely hot water after what he did during a shoplifting... Read More
Couple Hears Glass Break While Sleeping, They Hide In Closet, Intruder Finds Them, Man Shoots Intruder
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- A woman and her boyfriend were asleep inside their apartment when they awoke to the sound of glass breaking. Realizing that... Read More
Mother Gives Her Son A Beatdown On Live TV After Finding Out He Was Participating In Baltimore Riots
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- With riots in full swing, it's rather refreshing to see a mother take matters into her own hands after she finds out that her... Read More
Four Armed Men Enter Home, Exchange Shots With Occupant, Armed Men Steal A Pink Camouflage Shotgun On Their Way Out
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- If you see surveillance video in the coming weeks of, say, a gas station robbery where the robber is holding up the place with... Read More
Woman Shoots Abusive Ex-Boyfriend In Self Defense, Will Not Face Charges
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- A 23-year-old woman shot and injured her abusive ex-boyfriend after he stormed into her home as she was walking out Saturday... Read More