[VIDEO] 84-Year-Old Attacked By Thug, Thug Decides It’s Time To Go When Man Pulls Out Gun
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Here is your 2nd Amendment at work. While 84-year-old Doug Jandebeur was walking to his car from his business,  he was... Read More
[BREAKING] West Virginia Governor Tomblin Vetos Constitutional Carry
You have to give West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin credit for Machiavellian use of power.  He cleverly waited until the legislature adjourned,... Read More
WHY YOU SHOULD CARRY: Woman Answering Craigslist Ad Has Her Unborn Child Cut From Her Womb
LONGMONT, COLORADO -- There's a special place for certain people, folks. This heart wrenching and despicable story comes out of Colorado, and it... Read More
Texas Senate Passes Campus Carry 20-11
SB11, the Texas campus carry bill that allows adults with concealed handgun licenses to carry on public university campuses, passed the Texas Senate... Read More
House Guest To The Rescue: Shoots And Kills Home Intruder, Sends Other Three Running For Their Lives
JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- An attempted burglary of a residence happened early Monday morning, but the four burglars got more than they bargained for when a... Read More
Employees Offered An Extra $50 Each Month If They Carry A Concealed Firearm At Work
DAVENPORT, IOWA -- An attorney who supports the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry wanted to come up with a way to encourage people to carry. His... Read More
STAND YOUR GROUND: Disabled Army Vet Saves Pregnant Woman After She’s Attacked
MARTIN COUNTY, FL -- A disabled vet is being called a hero after his quick thinking saved a pregnant woman from an attack last night. It happened... Read More
Introducing The Glock 43, Glock’s Very First Single Stack 9mm
Well folks, it's finally here. Glock has answered the calls for a single stack 9mm, and she's a beauty. Just a hair bigger than it's little brother,... Read More
Texas Senate Passes Open Carry Bill
By Nick Leghorn. Republished with permission from Open carry is one step closer to reality for those in the Lone Star State.... Read More
If People Are Banging On Your Front Door, Don’t Open It: GPS Brings Men To Wrong House, Finds Armed Homeowner
LAKELAND, FL -- Jody Johnston was home with this three children when a pair men knocked on his door asking for 'Eddie'. Not knowing how they were... Read More