Want To Go Shooting At Daytona Beach? One Bar Owner Wants To Make It Happen.
DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- The Daytona Beach Planning Board is currently hearing a proposal to open an indoor range within the same establishment as a... Read More
A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO CONCEALED FIREARM: Woman Fails To Hide Gun After Shooting At Repo Man
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In Iowa, The Legally Blind Are Granted Concealed Carry Permits. Who’s To Say It’s Good Or Bad?
DES MOINES, IOWA -- In Iowa law, there is no stipulation for the denial of a concealed carry permit based upon physical limitation.  This includes... Read More
[BREAKING] Escaped Prisoner Richard Matt Shot And Killed In NY
PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK -- One of the two escaped prisoners from Clinton County Correctional Facility in New York, Richard Matt, was shot and killed by... Read More
Man Forced To Kill Home Intruder, And It’s The Second Time In Four Months
FRANKLIN COUNTY, MISSOURI -- A homeowner came face to face with a home intruder and killed him in self-defense. It's the second time in just four... Read More
Another Domino’s Delivery Driver Defies “No Guns” Policy, And It Saves His Life
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- Because of an act of defiance against Domino's Pizza's "No Guns" policy for it's delivery drivers, one of their drivers is... Read More
Home Invader Gets Shot By Homeowner AND Sentenced To LIFE!
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- On the night of July 10, 2013, Bobby Lee Culler organized a "military style" home invasion of a family's residence on Pepper... Read More
Convicted Felon Kills Armed Robber – Potentially Avoids Gun Charge
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- When the Breadbox convenience store in Knoxville was being held up at gunpoint by an 18 year old thug, it was an armed... Read More
Irresponsible Gun Owner: Love Triangle Turns Rotten – Man Shoots Man Over Woman
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- Outside a tavern, two men got into a fistfight over a woman who was dating them both.  Assistant Deputy Chief Patrick Hoey of... Read More
Why Wait 48? Gov Walker Repeals 48 Hour Wait And Expands WI Gun Rights!
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Gov. Scott Walker plans on continuing to expand gun rights in Wisconsin by signing in two measures into law - Senate bills 35... Read More
NJ Man Denied Firearm Purchase Permit Because Of Wife’s Prior Felonies
TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- A southern New Jersey man cannot buy guns because his wife's prior felonies and a misdemeanor domestic violence offense... Read More
Sacramento Reports Spike In Crime, Still Has Trouble Letting Honest Citizens Carry Firearms
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Is New Signage The Biggest Fuss For New TX Open Carry Law?
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Concealed Carrying Bar Employee Stops Man Who Started Firing Shotgun Inside Bar
YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO -- A man was killed at a bar by an employee who had a valid concealed carry permit, and likely saved numerous lives. The incident... Read More
[VIDEO] Parade Shooting Caught On Camera In Chicago, No Legal Gun Owners Around To Stop Shooter
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In an incredibly bold move in broad daylight during a parade with no regard for anyone --including children-- in the area, we... Read More