[BREAKING] Court Victory Gives Puerto Rico Permitless Concealed Carry And Open Carry
According to the Second Amendment Foundation, a recent court victory gives Puerto Rico residents the ability to open carry and concealed carry... Read More
Gun Shop Offers Free Concealed Carry Class For Pastors In Response To Charleston Shooting
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- A gun shop in Oklahoma is offering local pastors a free concealed carry class to help them get their permits to carry. The... Read More
ONE TOUGH MOM: Two Thugs Have Their Gun Wrestled Away By A Mom Not Going Down Without A Fight During Home Invasion
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- A mom home with her daughter answered the door to two men claiming to be police officers. Once the door was opened, the... Read More
Uber Changes It’s Mind After Driver Saves Lives With Firearm, Enacts “No Firearms” Policy
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Open Carry Activists Making It Hard On The Rest Of Us?
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Mother Learns The Hard Way To Keep Firearms Away From Child
HAMILTON, OHIO -- Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser has formally announced all criminal charges will be dropped against Elizabeth Green in... Read More
Retired Judge Takes Sheriff To Court Over CCW Denial
EUGENE, OREGON -- A retired Lane County judge is seeking to dispute a sheriff's denial of his concealed carry license renewal and it's calling into... Read More
Gun Free Zone Fails Again: Gunman Kills Nine Inside South Carolina Church
CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- A 21-year-old man walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina... Read More
Concealed Carry Breakdown: Where “May Issue” Is Essentially “No Permit”
Not all states were created equal.  Some states have taken extreme liberties with their interpretations of the Bill of Rights.  If you're from... Read More
Three Robbers No Match For Armed Store Owner
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- An attempted robbery at a shop in Fort Worth ended with one of three suspects being shot and killed by the shop owner. The... Read More
Thug Gets Arrested After Robbing Concealed Carrier
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- An attempted robbery went horribly wrong when two criminals got the drop on eight people hanging out in a garage in southern... Read More
WRONG VICTIM: Suspect With Rifle Approaches Two Men On Street And Starts Shooting; But One Of The Intended Victims Is Armed
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Two men walking down the street were approached by a man carrying a rifle who had just come out of a house. The man... Read More
Alert Friend Saves Female Clerk From Armed Robber, Stopping The Suspect With Perfectly Placed Shot; Mother Of Suspect Wants Justice
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- A female store clerk was being held up at gunpoint in the early morning hours on Monday, but someone was watching things... Read More
Californians Fight For Their Right To Carry Concealed
Over 16,000 Californians applications for a concealed carry permit hang in permanent limbo in San Francisco's Federal courthouse.  It all stemmed... Read More
The Original Colt 1911 Now Filing Chapter 11
One of the original manufacturers of the model 1911 tactical pistol and the AR-15 is now filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  As the New York Post... Read More