NYC Wedding Guest Negligent Discharge: It’s Not His First Time Shooting “By Accident”
Yesterday, we brought you a story of a man who's pocket carry firearm went off in his pants. The result? Four injured people. One guest’s head... Read More
Forgetful Gun Owner Leaves Handgun On Bathroom Sink In Pizza Shop, Handed Misdemeanor Charge
TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -- A man walked into Pangea's Pizza Pub on May 30th with his handgun, and left without it. The man, 40-year-old Brandon... Read More
Permitless Concealed Carry Advances In Utah Senate – Will It Get Vetoed AGAIN?
Is it a game of rinse and repeat or are Utahns ready for constitutional carry?  As Utah Senate Bill 256 (SB256) advances, Gov. Gary Herbert appears... Read More
Caught On Camera: Man Pulls Pistol On Woman, Assaults Another In Park
Someone truly missed out on an opportunity to receive the coveted Darwin award.  Last week, an armed man verbally assaulted a woman at gunpoint in a... Read More
Pocket Carry Negligent Discharge At NYC Wedding, Four Injured; You’re Doing It Wrong
NEW YORK, NY -- A man attending a wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel negligently fired his pistol which was sitting in his pocket. The man,... Read More
It’s Official: Texans Can Open Carry Handguns Starting January 1st 2016, Campus Carry August 1st 2016
PFLUGERVILLE, TEXAS -- Today, at what other place than a gun range; Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 910, the Texas Open Carry Bill for... Read More
St. Louis Zoo Issues Restraining Order Against Gun Rights Activist
Today was going to be the day that Missouri gun rights activists planned to put the St. Louis Zoo to the test.  In an clearly organized event meant... Read More
Security Guard Arrested During Baltimore Riots for Carrying Concealed Without A CCW
It's the middle of one of the worst riots in Baltimore's recent history.  A police-related killing of an unarmed man, a country still reeling from... Read More
Armed Taxi Driver Defends Self Against Knife-Wielding Robber, Shooting And Killing Suspect
SEBASTIAN, FLORIDA -- A man with a concealed carry permit in Florida was forced to use his firearm in an apparent self-defense situation while on the... Read More
KNOW YOUR COMPANY: Homeowner Shoots Home Invader In The Face Five Times, Later Learns It Was A Setup
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A homeowner fought back against an armed intruder after he tried to enter his home. A couple was visiting the homeowner Friday... Read More
Concealed Carrier Shoots Intruder After Arriving Home To Find Suspect Who Entered Through Doggy Door
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- In what is still an active investigation, authorities released a few details about an apparent home invasion Thursday where a... Read More
SURPRISE! New York SAFE Act Turns Out Not To Be What Was Promised
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- In an obvious 'I told ya so' moment, some statistics are in regarding some violent crime in the Empire state. And it doesn't seem... Read More
Wisconsin Moves To Nix 48-Hour “Cooling Off” Period For Gun Purchases
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from “Ten states and the District of Columbia impose some form of waiting... Read More
5 Armed Men Try To Enter Detroit Home, Female Concealed Carrier Inside Says Nope
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Around 3am Tuesday morning, 5 men entered a Detroit home, however they became quickly aware that they picked the wrong... Read More
How Texas Campus Carry ‘Win’ May Be A Lose
The Greek king Pyrrhus of Epirus, in 280 BC, sought to stop the Romans from taking over his lands.  Though he won two major victories against the... Read More