Quick Thinking Store Employee Shoots And Kills Robber After Having Shotgun To His Own Head
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Video Released Of Deadly Self-Defense Shooting In Ft Myers Waffle House
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BAD DAY: Homeowner Shot By Responding Deputy After Home Invasion
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[VIDEO] Armed Firefighters Stop Gunman, Saving Numerous Lives
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San Diego Padres Say No To Off-Duty Cops Carrying Concealed Inside Their Stadium, Because Metal Detectors
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Oklahoma House Says OK To Handguns In Schools Carried By Trained Personnel
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One Handgun Stops Terror Attack In Garland Texas, Saving Countless Lives
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Finally, A News Station That Recommends Having A Gun On Their “How To Survive A Home Invasion” Segment
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Suspect Says He’s Armed During Robbery Attempt, Turns Out He Wasn’t, But His Intended Victim Was
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Irresponsible Gun Owner Leaves Gun Behind In Store Shopping Cart
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Kansas Receives It’s 100,000th Concealed Carry Application
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