Our favorite firearm channels on YouTube

We find a lot of great information via YouTube videos. If you are just starting out with firearms, looking to buy a new firearm, or just want to freshen up or see what’s out there, you’ll find a great benefit in the YouTube channels below. In addition to the channels listed below, there are many other great channels out there that are filled with excellent information (if you have your own favorites that you follow, let us know!). Here are a few of our absolute favorites.


1. Colion Noir

News commentator for the NRA, Mr. Colion Noir offers great advice and reviews on his channel. He has been a favorite of ours for a long time now. The points that he makes on different topics by far exceeds any arguments that we hear. He just has a thing for making complete sense in a logical way. His videos are often shared with anti-gun folks because hey, it’s tough to argue with his logic.

In his own words:
“Firearms Aficionado, Concealed Carrier, Gun Reviewer, Budding Attorney, Youtuber, but most people call me Mr. Colion Noir.”


ScreenHunter_18 Sep. 16 01.09


2. Hickok45

If you are a gun enthusiast and aren’t familiar with Hickok45, you need to change that immediately. Hickok45 offers some of the best firearm reviews that we have come across. His channel has gained popularity over the years due to his to-the-point reviews and his fun and relaxing attitude. Also, he has one of the coolest outdoor ranges on his property that we’ve seen; and we want to try it out!

In his own words:
“WELCOME to HICKOK45 ! You’re at a drama-free shooting channel! Please watch the FAQ Videos before asking questions. I answer most PMs. My son and I do shooting videos of all sorts: Occasionally, a silly shooting video might pop up; sorry if you’re “sense of humor challenged.” Life is short.”


ScreenHunter_18 Sep. 16 01.12


3. nutnfancy

Nutnfancy offers many reviews on firearms and knives, and always has fresh videos to share.

In his own words:
“Established in 2008, The Nutnfancy Project is ongoing work that serves adventurers, military members, contractors, law enforcement personnel, outdoorsman, and responsible, good civilians. Hundreds of videos exist already that cover system enhancing gear items like guns, knives, multi-tools, backpacks, clothing, dog gear, flashlights, tactical gear, and much more.”


ScreenHunter_18 Sep. 16 01.15


4. humans4targets2

H4T is another favorite, providing videos on reviews, firearm etiquette, and general firearm discussion. You’ll even see his pups from time to time, Jade and Goro.

In his own words:
“I am a reviewer of all types and brands of firearm’s and gear that is related to firearm’s. I also review holsters, laser’s, ammo and pretty much anything that I get my hands on that is gun related. I often buy new guns just for the sake of reviewing and give you my thoughts on the gun and then video how it shoots at the range with a final video on how I rate the gun overall. My collection is always growing with new and exciting things to review!”


ScreenHunter_18 Sep. 16 15.06


5. TheArmedCitizen

This channel offers news clips of concealed carry in action, as well as people defending their homes. Lots of great stuff here that shows law-abiding citizens fighting back when crime comes into their lives.

In their own words:
“Broadcasting the stories of everyday citizens defending life and limb against burglars, rapists and robbers.”


ScreenHunter_19 Sep. 16 17.15


6. tnoutdoors9

Very in-depth reviews of many different things. Although we aren’t too familiar with this channel, it comes highly recommended by many.

In his own words:
“TNOUTDOORS9 is dedicated primarily to the shooting sports and illustrating my support for the 2nd Amendment. This is my chosen forum for promoting one of the original concepts of freedom and personal responsibility as envisioned by The Founding Fathers.”


ScreenHunter_19 Sep. 16 17.17

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster.
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