PA Township Puts Up “Not A Gun Free Zone” Signs

CONOY TOWNSHIP, PA — Officials have put up signs around their township alerting potential criminals that they are now in a “Not a Gun Free Zone”.

When all said and done, the township will have 16 of these signs erected. Police have not given their position on the signs, but say that anything put in place to deter crime is ok in their book.

It may be just what’s needed to give criminals a quick reminder, before they’re met with an armed citizen from Conoy Township, PA.

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster.
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