Product Reviews

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Lenwood Specter IWB Holster & Hybrid CCW Belt
Recently, I had the opportunity to switch up my normal daily carry routine with a concealed carry belt and inside the waistband holster from Lenwood.... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] GTUL and STUL: Tools To Help Make Your Life Easier With Your Glocks
Once in a while, I come across a product (in this case, two products) that really stand out. So simple, yet fill a large market. Here's the quick... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Revolvers for Concealed Carry: The Ruger SP101
We recently posted a review of the Smith & Wesson Airweight J-frame, a very popular revolver for concealed carry. Today we take a step up in both... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Glock 23 Gen 4
When it comes to selecting a firearm for personal use, whether it be concealed carry, home protection, or just something to enjoy out at the range; a... Read More
[HOLSTER REVIEW] Talon Holsters: A Nice Assortment Of High Quality Leather Holsters
If you aren't familiar with Talon Holsters, check them out in the video above and be sure to visit their website and Facebook page. Tell them... Read More
[HOLSTER REVIEW] The Well Armed Woman IWB Holster – Not Just For Women
Holsters holsters everywhere! Here is another holster review that we want to share with you all. It comes from a great company called The Well Armed... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Revolvers for Concealed Carry: The S&W Airweight
S&W Model 36 Chiefs Special One point we have made here at Concealed Nation is that if you choose to carry, you should carry every day and... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] The Heckler & Koch USP Compact: Any Way You Want It
H&K USP .45 Compact Variation 1, DA/SA with Safety, right-handed. Many of the popular self-loading pistols available today are commercial... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Sig Sauer P238 (Extreme)
The matter of concealed carry can be one filled with many variables. One particularly troublesome decision one has to make can be as important as the... Read More
[APP REVIEW] The Legal Heat Smartphone App
Keeping up with the ever-constant changes of firearms laws and regulations can be a tiring process. Federal Law and State Law alike are constantly in... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] SIG P229: A Serious Gun for Troubled Times
Everything about the SIG Sauer P229 is professional and uncompromising. This is the sidearm of the plainclothes division of the US Secret Service,... Read More
[HOLSTER REVIEW] Zero Carry Holster; YouTuber Big Tex Outdoors Tells It Like It Is
This reminds us of when we ran the article on the Versacarry holster. It wasn't easy, but it needed to be said. YouTuber Big Tex Outdoors does a... Read More
[HOLSTER REVIEW] StealthgearUSA IWB Holster
StealthgearUSA Website: StealthgearUSA Facebook: If you’re anything like me, the choice to... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm
I pride myself on being an avid researcher when it comes to purchasing a new firearm or other related equipment. When it came time for me to decide... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Oldies But Goodies: The Browning Hi-Power
The Browning Hi-Power has a special appeal for me. The slim, sculpted slide and gracefully curved backstrap look simply great. The grip seems to... Read More