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[PRODUCT REVIEW] GTUL and STUL: Tools To Help Make Your Life Easier With Your Glocks
Once in a while, I come across a product (in this case, two products) that really stand out. So simple, yet fill a large market. Here's the quick... Read More
[APP REVIEW] The Legal Heat Smartphone App
Keeping up with the ever-constant changes of firearms laws and regulations can be a tiring process. Federal Law and State Law alike are constantly in... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Brown Coat Tactical EDC Belt
Your belt is an extremely important part of your concealed carry setup. When looking for the perfect below for you, it's vital to get something that... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Wolf Premium Oils
This is a guest post from Dieter Heren, owner of Saltwater & Gunpowder. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. I'm sure that almost all... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Advantage Tactical Sights
These are neat. A different concept from your typical 3-dot sights, Advantage Tactical Sights offer a bit of geometry by having the user make a... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] “The Solo” multi-purpose tool by Koch Tools
Anything in a photo with a Springfield XDs looks nice, but is that thing at the bottom of the image actually functional? Meet "The Solo" by Koch... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] LaserMax Guide Rod Laser
Our first laser review, and we're thrilled to have tried this one out. If you aren't familiar with LaserMax, they are a company that designs lasers... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Hanks Premier Double Leather English Bridle CCW Belt
If you've been following the reviews on our site, I have already reviewed one of Hank's CCW belts and loved it. When I saw that they had a new item... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] AimLine sights
Our first review on sights, we couldn't be more excited and enthusiastic to bring you our thoughts on AimLine Sights. Made in the USA and bringing to... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Lone Wolf 40-9 Conversion Barrel for Glock 27
Be sure to visit Lone Wolf on Facebook and tell them that Concealed Nation sent you! Ahh, choices. We pitch a lot of Glock products and... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Freedom Munitions .380 Auto 100 gr RNFP-FMJ
Welcome to the 1st Concealed Nation Ammunition Review! We had the opportunity to pick up some ammo from Freedom Munitions and wanted to share our... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Hanks Amish CCW Belt – The Gunner
Product Review: Hanks Amish CCW Belt Visit product at HanksClothing.com If you're the type of person that carries their firearm on their hip,... Read More