Self Defense

The day I had to use my gun in self-defense
It was a regular day, just like any other. I was going into the city to visit a friend that I had not seen in a while. This particular part of the... Read More
A Participant in the game Knockout gets shot by person with concealed carry permit
You heard it right, and it was only a matter of time. Our hats off to this guy for defending himself, as we would have done the same thing. To all... Read More
Two Gonzaga students face expulsion after defending themselves
Roommates Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh, both seniors, may be expelled this week after they used McIntosh’s pistol to repel a late-night trespasser... Read More
The Illusion of the “Gun Free Zone”
  I'm about to go on a rant. Let's start off by saying this: I am not necessarily here to win a fight. I am writing this article based... Read More
Michael Myers Gunman Prank; This guy may scare the wrong person one day
This has to be one of the worst, unfunny, horribly thought-out plan that we've seen. Picture yourself walking somewhere at night and then having a... Read More
Motorcycle Gang Attack in NYC: What would you have done?
I'm sure you've seen the video that has been making it's way around the internet at lightning speed that depicts a family in their SUV being attacked... Read More
10 of our favorite robberies gone wrong
These are just a few examples of robbers picking the wrong people to choose as victims. We've hand-selected the following 10 videos out of hundreds... Read More
Should I carry with a round in the chamber?
Yes. But why? Because this: And... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Springfield XDs 45ACP Review for Concealed Carry
The highly anticipated Springfield XDs in 45ACP has been out for roughly a year now. If you're still on the fence about this purchase, read on to see... Read More
Why I Carry a Firearm…
A great responsibility is assumed when one decides to daily carry a Firearm. A Responsibility that should never be taken for less than what it... Read More
Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting
The day that you decided to carry a firearm was a day that your life changed forever. You are now in possession of a firearm, on your person at all... Read More