Self Defense

Woman Shoots Abusive Ex-Boyfriend In Self Defense, Will Not Face Charges
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- A 23-year-old woman shot and injured her abusive ex-boyfriend after he stormed into her home as she was walking out Saturday... Read More
[VIDEO] Concealed Carrier Stops Attack On Elderly Man In Kroger Parking Lot
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- A 24-year-old man with a concealed firearm was walking out of a Kroger grocery store when he noticed a group of 7 people... Read More
[VIDEO] Active Shooter at a Public Meeting | First Person Defender
In this episode of First Person Defender, a young couple attends a public meeting... only to find themselves in the middle of an active killer... Read More
Your Uber Driver Could Be Packing Heat, And It’s Really OK: Uber VS Lyft On Weapons Policy
After the incident in Chicago the other day when an Uber driver successfully stopped an attempted mass shooting, the topic of Uber-type drivers being... Read More
Legally Armed Uber Driver In Chicago Stops Attempted Mass Shooting
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- A man began opening fire on a crowd of people with a handgun Friday night, causing everyone to scatter. As this was happening in... Read More
Armed Robbery Victim Shoots Back, 20 Rounds Fired
CONWAY, ARKANSAS -- A quiet residential neighborhood near Conway, Ark. erupted in gunfire Monday night as an attempted armed robbery resulted in a... Read More
Home Invader Raped And Robbed Woman, Is Then Shot Dead By Precision Shot From Armed Neighbor
GADSDEN, ALABAMA -- Three suspects broke into a women's home in the early morning hours on Monday, where one of them, a 17-year-old, held the woman... Read More
LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER: Daughter Starts Carrying After Her Father Wanted Her To, Ends Up Potentially Saving Her Life
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- "Honestly, I mostly carry it because my dad wanted me to. Now I'm glad I listened." Those are the words spoken by a daughter... Read More
Armed Pizza Delivery Driver Turns The Tables On Robber
DOUGLAS, GEORGIA -- A pizza delivery man was making a delivery to a residence when a man came out and threatened him with a metal bar and attempted... Read More
Armed Homeowner Stops Two Armed Burglars, Successfully Ending Crime Spree
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Two armed burglars were arrested after their luck ran out once they broke into their third home, because they were confronted... Read More
92-Year-Old Blind Woman Scares Off Burglars With Gun, “Come on in, boys! The police won’t take you away, the morgue will.”
By Sara Tipton. Republished with permission from Twylia Smock of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a 92-year-old and legally blind... Read More
5am Gunfight With Armed Intruders Leaves Family Shaken; Dad Saves The Day By Being Armed
HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS -- A man asleep on his couch early Tuesday morning awoke to two armed home invaders breaking down his door, but he wasn't... Read More
Home Intruder Shot And Killed By Homeowner In Kentucky
ASHLAND, KENTUCKY -- A homeowner is said to have shot and killed a home intruder in the early morning hours on Saturday. Troopers say Gregory W.... Read More
Not Guilty, and Handcuffed; Woman Forced to Shoot Attacking Ex At Gas Station In Houston
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player The young woman shown above was clearly justified in shooting the ex-boyfriend who... Read More
AT WORK: Criminal With Box Cutter 0; Concealed Carry Permit Holder 1
LA VERGNE, TN -- A store owner is lucky to be alive after having a near-death encounter with a man armed with a box cutter. The owner of Discount... Read More