[VIDEO] 11-Year-Old Shoots Man Stabbing Her Mother, Successfully Ending The Attack, Unlike The Protective Order Against Him

An 11-year-old girl is responsible for successfully defending her mother and other siblings against their mother’s ex-boyfriend as he broke into their home and began stabbing her.

The young girl knew where her mother’s firearm was kept and apparently also knew how to use it. During the attack, she fired at him twice and struck him with both shots. While this was happening, another child in the home dialed 911 to alert police of the attack.

The glass door that was broken by the intruder. PHOTO: Jim Beckel – THE OKLAHOMAN

When police arrived, they saw the ex-boyfriend trying to run from the home, but was a little slow due to his gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital where he is listed in serious condition. The victim was also taken to the hospital and is said to be doing alright.

Just last week, the victim had filed a protective order against this very same man, saying that he had abused her children. This is yet another case where a piece of paper didn’t stop the aggressor from causing the harm and damage that he set out to cause. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

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Under the right circumstances, children and firearms blend very well. This young girl seems to have been proficient enough with this firearm to place two shots that ended the vicious attack on her mother.

The children have been taken into protective custody until their mother recovers from her wounds. It is a sad situation that the children are in, but we are happy that a successful defense was made to save the mother’s life.

Once in a great while, stories come up that have people trying to separate children and firearms. In those cases, the adults were to blame.

Given proper training and respect, you can clearly see at least one benefit to children learning how to responsibly use firearms. This story is of vital importance, as it demonstrates the effectiveness of prepared children. Had the victim’s daughter not known how to use the firearm, the aggressor could have taken a mother away from her children.

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