[VIDEO] The Try Guys Shoot Guns For The First Time And Fail On Nearly All Safety Levels

There is a right and a wrong way to introduce someone to the sport that we all enjoy. First and foremost, it depends on the attitude of the student and the instructor.

The BuzzFeedVideo Try Guys recently posted a video of them shooting firearms for the first time. After viewing the video below, I rarely saw an instructor or an RSO. I’m sure they were there, just staying out of the video as much as possible. See for yourself:

There was one negligent discharge (that we know of) which occurs at 2:15. Fortunately, the firearm was pointed down range when this occurred.

Attitude: The attitude of these guys was very nonchalant. They never seemed to grasp the inherent danger of what they were doing. They never commented on that, not even once. The firearms were treated almost as toys, or they viewed their range trip as if they were riding a roller coaster.

I have personally instructed dozens of students who had never touched a firearm before. You never give a complete novice a semi-auto firearm for their first experience. Select fire/full auto should be strictly off limits! This is real life, not a video game and there is no magic reset button.

My students either begin with a single shot bolt action .22 rifle, or a single action .22 revolver. We work up from there. For the rifle students: I will have a Ruger 10/22, AR15 and an SKS available. They are left in the trunk of my car until I get feel for the students proficiency. Then again, we may stop at the 10/22.

For my handgun students: I will have a Ruger MKIII, a S&W MP9C and a 1911 available. Again, they have to work up to it.

New shooters have so much to absorb on the first range trip that there is no point in complicating the matter. This video almost portrays guns as toys. I’m trying hard not to let this be a rant.

They should change their name to the Try Harder Guys.

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