We Respect Your 2A, But Don’t Bring Your Gun To Our Bar, Because Everyone Is Stupid Drunk

A reader sent us the above picture from a Jethro’s in Altoona, Iowa. In case the image is too small to read for some folks on mobile devices, here is that it says:

We at Jethro’s respect everyone’s individual rights, and believe in responsible gun ownership as protected by the second amendment. We also believe that part of this responsibility is not to mix alcohol and firearms in any setting, so we ask that all our guests refrain from carrying any firearm or weapon on premises.


Born and raised Iowan. NRA Lifetime Member and firearm enthusiast since 6th grade. Aaron's interest in responsible carry issues has increased over the years, and is a large supporter of the 2nd amendment. Aaron is also a big 10mm Auto enthusiast and owns a Glock 29 Gen 4. One of his lifelong goals is to begin long distance target shooting out to and including 1000 yards. Aaron has a wife of 10 years, 3 kids and is an IT Consultant who specializes in Enterprise Content Management Solutions and process automation.
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