Why I Carry

Caught On Camera: Man Pulls Pistol On Woman, Assaults Another In Park
Someone truly missed out on an opportunity to receive the coveted Darwin award.  Last week, an armed man verbally assaulted a woman at gunpoint in a... Read More
Why Are So Many People Getting Concealed Carry Permits?
Kansas, New Hampshire, Illinois, and many other states are continually engaging in the push to loosen restrictions on people getting concealed carry... Read More
Intense Video Shows Man Shooting At Armed Robbers Entering His Garage
A surveillance video clip shows a man driving into his garage when three armed men come in as the garage door is attempting to close. The man, an... Read More
Why Arm Yourself: Repeat Violent Criminal Nearly Kills Elderly Couple During Home Invasion
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- An elderly couple endured a vicious beating by a repeat violent criminal during a home invasion on January 24th. The man... Read More
Argument Escalates To Gunfire Inside PA Barbershop, Concealed Carrier Steps In And Is Credited With Saving Lives
PHILADELPHIA, PA -- An incident inside a crowded West Philadelphia barber shop turned potentially deadly yesterday, when a customer who was... Read More
Home Invasion Gone Wrong: Do You Answer Your Door Armed And Ready To Go?
ORANGE COUNTY, FL -- A pair of robbers disguised as delivery men gain easy access into a home in Florida where they tie up a woman at gunpoint in... Read More
[WHY I CARRY] Grandfather Killed During Home Invasion
LEHIGH ACRES, FL -- A 68-year-old grandfather was at his home with his wife and three-month-old grandchild when a group of people broke into their... Read More
Woman Pulls Gun On Man Who Threatened Her With Needle As He Tried To Rob Her At An ATM
SOCASTEE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- A woman approached an ATM to withdraw some money, but encountered a man who looked to do her harm in a way that we don't... Read More
[WHY I CARRY] Man Stabs Two Men At Bus Stop When They Tell Him They Aren’t Muslim
Two men were waiting at a bus stop when they were approached by 39-year-old Terrence Lavaron Thomas, who asked them if they were Muslim. The two men... Read More
The Importance Of Campus Carry: Two Students Stabbed At Upstate NY College Dorm
The last thing a student should worry about is making it through the semester alive. Incidents such as the one we are about to discuss occur on a... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Why I Carry: Legally Armed PA Citizen Stops Armed Robber
Here is a news report of an incident which took place in a public park outside of Philadelphia, PA yesterday. A 67 year old man was walking his dog... Read More
[VIDEO] Man Fires Machine Gun Into Crowd In Italy; Why I Carry
File this under 'Why I Carry' and remember how important our right to carry is. CCTV footage emerged Saturday of a man firing a machine gun on the... Read More
New Mexico Convenience Store Owner Wins Shootout; Another Reason Why I Carry
SAN MIGUEL COUNTY, NM -- As shown in a press release from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, a convenience store robbery didn't go quite as... Read More
Homeowner Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Suspect Held At Gunpoint. One More Reason Why I Carry
MCDOWELL COUNTY, N.C.-- John Painter received a call Monday afternoon from a concerned neighbor, alerting him to a suspicious car in his... Read More
Craigslist Tragedy For Elderly Georgia Couple: Why I Carry; Caveat Emptor
Suspect Ronnie "Jay" Towns, 28, left, and victims Elrey "Bud" Runion, 69, and his 66-year-old wife June, right. The phrase caveat emptor is Latin... Read More