Why I Carry

WHY I CARRY: Store Clerk Shot And Killed Because He Didn’t Give Customer Cigarettes Fast Enough
A senseless shooting occurred in Arizona early this morning when a customer, Apolinar Altamirano, 29, was so impatient with the clerk taking longer... Read More
St Louis Woman Shot In Groin During Home Invasion, Should Have Been A Self-Defense Shooting
A 26-year-old woman was shot by two armed men after they broke into her home shortly before midnight Monday night. According to local media... Read More
Why I Carry: Young Woman Dressed As Batman Is Kidnapped In Orlando And Forced To Drive Around To ATM’s
A young woman in Orlando was taken hostage for hours on Christmas day as she was exiting a Walgreens. When she got into her car, a man got in the... Read More
Why I Carry: Man Gets Shot During Robbery Setup
A Washington State man is lucky to be alive after he was robbed at gunpoint during an orchestrated armed robbery. The victim threw a party at his... Read More
Long Island Homeowners Open Door Expecting Trick Or Treaters, Instead Finds Armed Men
A scary story unfolded at a residence in Long Island on Halloween night. A father, mother and two-year-old son were home handing out candy to... Read More
[WHY I CARRY] Caught On Camera; NYPD Officer Attacked With Hatchet, Suspect Shot Dead
In an unprovoked attack today in Queens, two NYPD officers were victims of a hatchet-wielding man who came out of nowhere and began his attack.... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Man In Michigan Helps Capture Attempted Rapist And Save Young Woman
A young woman was found walking down the street with blood all over her face and completely naked. Moments before, she was witnessed crawling out of... Read More
[WHY I CARRY] Good Samaritan In Albany NY Gets Jumped After Helping Woman On Crutches
This one is close to home, as I've spent many nights on this same street at various businesses while enjoying time with friends. This street is... Read More